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Why volunteer with us?

  • High hopes for Halliwellbeing is making a positive difference in people's lives.Volunteering might cost you time and effort, but the satisfaction of seeing people thrive is wonderful and precious, I love going home knowing that I've helped other people feel valued and important, that I can be proud of what we can achieve together.

  • Community centres are places to belong, that has a massive impact on our volunteers as well as our centre users. If you want to reconnect with people in your area, volunteering is a brilliant way to really belong.

  • Volunteering is always a great place to learn transferable skills, and get some experience, they'll be people around to help and support you but also space for you to try out new things! And all this experience looks great on a CV too.

What could I do? 

Because we do a diverse range of activities, there is loads of opportunities which could fit with your personality and interests from sports to crafts, children to old people, people jobs, admin jobs or building jobs!

Perhaps you could be a group supporter? Are you good at making people welcome, making a brew and getting to know people?

Would you be interested in running a group? We have lots of ideas for new groups - reading, tai chi, English -language conversation, but we are open to new ideas too, and would love to support you to develop your ideas.

Maybe you can't devote your time every week, but could help with our events, one-off commitments to help with with refreshments or tickets, run a stall or a raffle? Maybe you have digital skills? Could you help with online promotion? Or give some time to delivering flyers?

How do I become a volunteer with you?

Fill in the form below or email us: and tell us what area you fancy volunteering in, and what hours you could do. We will then get in touch to meet up for an informal chat about the right opportunity for you. 

We think volunteering is s journey, an opportunity to broaden your skills, meet new people and discover your skills. So, if you are struggling with the questions, don't worry, still apply and we can talk through some opportunities together.

Please note some roles will require a DBS check and references, but not all. We will talk you through what needs to be done and help you too

Come Volunteer With Us

Thanks for submitting!

What happens next? Once you have submitted you form, we will get in contact to arrange an informal chat about matching you up with the right opportunity.

Please note by submitting this form, you are giving your consent to High Hopes for Halliwellbeing to retain your data. Your information will not be shared with any other organisation and only retained for as long as you volunteer with us.

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